Diversified Technique

This is a traditional manual Chiropractic technique where a patient will perhaps hear sounds from adjusted joints

Adjusting Gun

This gentle technique is suitable for babies, elderly patients and sensitive patients

Thompson Technique

This Chiropractic technique employs a drop piece table to assist with adjustments. Our table is capable of lying patients down when they are having difficulty moving and are in a lot of pain or experiencing excessive muscle spasm.


Massage is included with all treatments. Long consultations with massage are available.

Dry Needling

Dry needling is available for those patients suffering with chronic muscle spasms.


We prescribe orthotics for correction of foot pronation and short leg with associated scoliosis.


We are the only Chiropractors in the Greater Macarthur region who take their own specialised Chiropractic X-Rays. For your convenience, we are able to take and assess your scans immediately on the premises, with no referral necessary.

We use computerised imaging which allows us to assess measurements and scans thoroughly and efficiently.

Supports and Pillows

We have a range of back supports available as well as the Complete Sleeper memory foam pillow range.


We have a range of Bioceutical supplements for supporting healthy nerve, muscle and joint function.