Remedial massage is an ancient therapy which involves numerous techniques used to repair damage, relieve pain and increase the body’s natural healing processes. Remedial massage is a gentle, non-invasive and drug-free treatment for a multitude of physical ailments, including arthritis, migraines, menstrual pain, anxiety, strain and stiffness, through the relaxing relief of isolated muscle kneading and gentle soft tissue manipulation. Remedial massage is effective in addressing local, referred, radiated and chronic pain associated with injury, disease and overuse, through its aim to locate and remedy the source of concern and alleviate correlating symptoms.

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Remedial massage is beneficial in improving:

  • Joint mobility and posture
  • perfect for those who work long days at a desk or on their feet
  • help improve lymphatic flow, energy levels and encourage a better nights’ sleep
  • those struggling with exhaustion or high stress levels

Remedial massage is a popular therapy among those who push their bodies through workouts, athletic endeavors and competitive sports, because it can increase flexibility and offers effective rehabilitation and a quicker recovery to injury.

Remedial massage is also a safe, relaxing treatment for pregnant women and developing children, whose bodies are growing and changing rapidly, commonly causing pains in joints and tightness in muscles.

Remedial massage is an enjoyable, rejuvenative experience for a wide array of people with an even wider range of health concerns. Performed in a multidisciplinary clinic by a fully qualified, health fund approved, association registered remedial massage therapist, our service can assist you to reach your optimum health levels in a calming, restorative way.

Robert Sic

Massage Therapist

Completing his diploma of remedial massage therapy in 2011, Robert Sic utilises the latest in evidence-based practice to provide the safest and most effective individual treatment in Macarthur. Rob is a senior level member with the Association of Massage therapists and is fully health rebate and Hicaps approved.

Rob’s vast experience in the massage industry, coupled with his ability to intuitively listen to and cater to his clients’ preferences, sets him apart as an elite in his field. Rob’s client’s safety and comfort are always of his highest priority, allowing him to craft individualised, bespoke treatment methods tailored to the specific needs, preferences and conditions of each and every person.

Rob offers a respectful, relaxing, holistic experience encompassing a wide range of techniques and modalities he has expertly mastered. Including Trigger Point Therapy & Myofascial Release Technique, Reflexology, Deep tissue, Pregnancy, Swedish Relaxation, Sports Therapy, Somatic massage and more, Rob’s services are able to cater for all sorts of health concerns and walks of life.